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My own new thread geza 8 2 yearsraju123 (1): @blackbelt sending you test message
Test raju123 3 2 yearsraju123 (1): test
Ok...does this really function like a chat? Oscar_Red 6 2 yearsatfweb (1): Pretty quick
Probando rolo 1 2 yearsrolo (1): Esto es una prueba
This is test thread khanh198 5 3 yearsmikew (26): Test reply :)
Whoa bigjoe 6 3 yearsmikew (26): @zuckas thanks for testing Ninja Post! Hope the log in was not too cumbersome. I'm live testing some site integration stuff with single sign on and WordPress. Not thrilled but WordPress can be very challenging when it comes to setting redirects and such.
What about vegans? ryan 4 3 yearsmikew (26): @bigjoe I hear ya - I guess BB Code is a bit of a holdover from days gone past. An area we can improve to be sure.
today pat 2 3 yearsmikew (26): Awesome. How were the waves?
Invisible bike mikew 2 3 yearsmikew (26):
tttesting ashtonclose 2 4 yearsmikew (26): Hey @ashtonclose - let me know if you have any questions! :)
What does this look like tedbundy 4 4 yearsmikew (26): Hope that worked okay ;)
i like this site demo1 3 4 yearsdemo1 (10): Ok thanks :)
Test Symya 4 4 yearsmikew (26): yeah it works okay :)
Images can be added? bc123 1 4 yearsbc123 (1): Just testing the image feature
Another test thread mikew 6 4 yearsmikew (26): @testuser123 welcome to Ninja Post! Thanks for stopping by. Lmk if you have any questions.
Funny pics mikew 10 4 yearsLemurZ (1):
Official "Just testing" thread!!! mikew 10 4 yearsLemurZ (1): Since this is the testing thread, I'm just testing with this post!:D
Test thread mikew 5 4 yearsmikew (26): Glad you like what you see thus far @knwtest!
Test kim 2 4 yearsmikew (26): Hey @kim! I hope this test thread is meeting your expectations... Welcome to Ninja Post. :)
YouTube test thread mikew 5 4 yearskim (20): Test reply
We hate forum spam mikew 2 4 yearsmikew (26): That blog contains a series or recommended practices. But some are more beneficial than others. We will elaborate on the blog post linked above to explain in more detail the steps that we take to prevent spam and at the same make it easy for legit users to participate. Stay tuned!
There's usually 50 threads per page... mikew 3 4 yearsmikew (26): To the top :)
Is Ed "Too Tall" Jones too tall? mikew 3 4 yearsmikew (26): Bump - even though these ads are like 3 years old